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African Recycled Metal Art and Sculpture

World globe from wire and recycled metalGodfrey Dambuleni with recycled metal lion head


Recycled Metal Sculpture by Godfrey Dambuleni


My name is Godfrey Dambuleni; I am a passionate recycled metal artist and scuptor from Zimbabwe and I specialise in artworks crafted from recycled metal. While I do provide commercial pieces to the tourist trade at markets and galleries around Cape Town, my major focus is on larger unique metal sculptures created with a typical African theme consisting of typically african wildlife.

  • My mission is to create unique sculptures out of recycled metal which is not only beneficial to the environment, but which allows me to exercise my creativity to the fullest. The various different metals such as curled lathe wire, thin sheet metal, wire, cans and bottletops all lend thenselves to various approaches; each with a uniqueness all of its own.

  • While I have a number of commercial lines which we produce for the tourist trade, my passion is creating larger sculptures on request for both private individuals and businesses. I am happy to accept commissions and regularly ship pieces internationally.

  • Please browse this site to get a feel for the various sculpture forms available and feel free to email or phone me if you have any questions or if you wish to discuss your unique requirements.

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Email: info@mixedideaz.co.za
Godfrey Dambuleni
- Cell +27 835622224
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